Game Monitor Overview

led vs lcd
I had always wanted to build a killer gaming setup. I wanted a huge tv, and gaming chairs. I decided to make it happen and started buying items for my gaming habit…lol. I quickly realized that I didn’t put very much effort into finding the best equipment. As I did more and more research I discovered that I like the triple monitor setup for gaming much better than one huge tv!! I also had to decide whether I wanted led vs lcd and I decided I needed the highest frame rate and resolution that was available in a game monitor and that it was going to be awesome! It was pretty expensive, because I got three of them, but it was so worth it! I mean what the hell did i go to college for if I can’t spend my programmer salary on awesome stuff I love?

I also ended up reading a lot of monitor reviews so I could find the best ones. I learned along way about multi screen setups and I was like what is eyefinity? I learned it is the tech that allows you to hook up multiple monitors in a way that allows the image being displayed to be displayed across all the monitors at the same time, as opposed to three separate images on three separate monitors.

I gotta say that games like assassins creed are very epic on a triple 27″ monitor setup!!! It’s like being in the scene in real life! If you would like to learn more abut these things check out the info I liked to to learn it for yourself and keep checking back here as I will be posting pics of my build as well as short descriptions of my hardware choices!!!

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